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iae Edu Net provides various education marketing and consultancy service to institutions and agents. iae Global presently coordinates and manages a network of 100 sales and support offices in 18 countries. All sales offices provide the same high quality of services to iae Edu Net’s partners and work closely with them to coordinate their efforts to recruit students for iae’s priority institutions. iae Edu Net has been especially trying to improve the best services and education recruitment for customers around the world in countries such as Asia, Middle-Eastern countries, Europe and North and South America Countries. In addition, this company has a well-organised communication and processing system for students. With the slogan of ‘Creating Better Futures’, iae Edu Net-Brisbane aim to give full satisfaction to all customers and ensure that they meet their educational goals.

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Main Testimonial 1

 iae Edu Net tried so hard to secure my place at the University of New England. Without their hard work and advice I couldn’t have come to Australia.

Gacumbitsi Jean Michel
Rwanda / University of New England

Main Testimonial 4


Lingdi Kong
Chinese / Melbourne Uni – Master of Finance

Jofre Maestracci

Definitivamente nunca es tarde para conocer a gente maravillosa. Despues de tener algun tiempo en Australia, tuve la oportunidad de conocer a la gente de iae Edu Net.

Jofre Maestracci
Venezuelan / CQU – Bachelor of IT – 20% Scholarship