ABOUT iae Edu Net Brisbane

iae Edu Net provides various education marketing and consultancy service to institutions and agents. iae Global presently coordinates and manages a network of 100 sales and support offices in 18 countries. All sales offices provide the same high quality of services to iae Edu Net’s partners and work closely with them to coordinate their efforts to recruit students for iae’s priority institutions. iae Edu Net has been especially trying to improve the best services and education recruitment for customers around the world in countries such as Asia, Middle-Eastern countries, Europe and North and South America Countries. In addition, this company has a well-organised communication and processing system for students. With the slogan of ‘Creating Better Futures’, iae Edu Net-Brisbane aim to give full satisfaction to all customers and ensure that they meet their educational goals.

iae Edu Net Pty Ltd is an International Education Recruitment and Management company that overseas a network of offices around the world.

The company was established to focus on the development of education recruitment and management for students.

Years of the leader of education for international students
Connected offices around the world
Partner schools in Australia

iae Edu Net targets students of all ages from primary-school age through to adulthood. The network’s highly trained and professional staff counsel and assist the students in enrolling in a wide range of education institutions, including language training centres, primary and secondary schools, vocational training institutes, colleges and universities offering formal undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, and work experience/internship programs.


Our mission is to facilitate transnational opportunities to learn, share and grow that will allow our clients to reach their full potential and by doing so, create a better world.

Different languages are available for counselling
Times winner of QUT top agent award
Students applied schools with iae Edu Net Brisbane


Core values define our company culture and provide the framework that defines our relationship with our customers and staff each day. We define iae GLOBAL and all our decisions by the following values:

  • Equality : Treat everyone with equal respect and care, providing them with the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Transparency : Do everything with openness and integrity.
  • Collaboration : Work together for the common good with respect for everyone’s contribution.
  • Responsibility : Take full responsibility for our actions with our students, universities, schools, staff, shareholders and communities.
  • Respect : Show respect and care for our colleagues, staff, clients and the world around us.
  • Trust : Create an inclusive corporate culture that is based on trust and honesty.
  • Excellence : Nurture a diverse team of well-trained individuals who work together to foster excellence and drive high levels of teamwork.

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